Animal Behavior – Field Techniques for Photography

Photo Pro and Linn Area Photo Club will be hosting an animal behavior/field techniques class on Saturday, April 10th starting at 10am – 3:30pm at Wickiup Outdoor Learning Center located on Morris Hills Rd, Toddville, IA

Meeting Directions

National award winning photographer, Jim Messina, will conduct a wildlife photography workshop relating to animal behavior and field techniques. Photography students, experienced photographers, naturalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and teachers interested in improving their photographic skills will benefit. Students interested in embarking on photography as a career or second income will particularly benefit.
Key concepts in animal behavior will include understanding animal displays, recognizing and utilizing animal territories, maintenance behaviors, animal defense strategies, understanding an animal’s comfort zone and avoiding an aggressive reaction by an animal. Key concepts in the field techniques presentation will include various techniques for gaining proximity to natural subjects as well as the ethical responsibilities of the photographer. The use of blinds, methods of approach and their selection criteria, and a brief discussion of ethics will be included.

The cost of the class will be $50 per person and $75 per couple. We ask that you pay in advance to the class.

You can sign up for the class at Photo Pro; 153 Collins Rd. NE; Cedar Rapids, IA or by calling (866) 395-9121.

There is a limit of 10 people allowed so if this is something that interests you SIGN UP TODAY!!!

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