Important Reminders: Meeting – Annual Contest – Officer Elections



1st:  Sunday Oct 9th, Monthly Meeting

Educational Theme: Photo Composition

Many of you have asked us to help you understand how “composition” impacts your photos and a few rules that will help you get better.    So……Rollin Banderob (LAPC Member,) will giving us a presentation on Photo Composition. Rollin spent years working for “The Gazette” so he knows how composition impacted the visual message his photographs were telling.  Bring your questions.  Bring your notepad.   You will get a lot of information out of this meeting.

Photo Contest Theme:   Scary! 

Print Images: You can submit up to two photos of any image that meets the monthly contest rules and meets this month's theme.


2nd:     Annual Contest

  • Have you picked out your images?
  • Do you have them printed?   (LAPC member get a discount at Photo Pro)
  • Have you started mounting them?

The time is flying by…. get working on your images!   We want 1000 images at this year's event!    State Fair has nothing on the Annual LAPC photo contest event!

****** See the LAPC contest rules and make sure you are aware the changes for 2016!


3rd:   Election of Officers

At Sunday's meeting we will announce any candidates for 2017 LAPC Officers.   The elections will occur at the November meeting.     My term as President will expire at the end of the year and we are looking for some Presidential candidates.      Donald & Hillary bothwithdrew there nominations recently due a personal conflict (each other) that is upcoming in November.    Our loss…

Club Members elect (or re-elect if no one runs) four Officer positions every year.    So if you have an interest in being an Officer send your name to: [email protected]   This year's Election Committee is:  David Byrnes, Patti Sampson and Cherie Flint


Current LAPC Officers

President Rick Young
Vice President Bob Lancaster
Treasurer David Byrnes
Secretary Justin Tedford



See you Sunday!


Rick Young


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