March 8th Monthly Club Meeting

Meeting Theme: “Shadows” In preparation for the May contest theme, the Contest Committee will present information about photographing shadows. Then everyone will have a chance to use their cameras at some workstation set-ups to experiment with lighting and how shadows add or hide depth, and how shadows can be abstract images by themselves. We will have photo tents, lights, and objects with which to create shadows. 

Bring your camera, tripod and lens for the shoot

Contest Theme: TOOLS

Bring a photo or two for contest.

NEW MONTHLY MEETING FEATURE: As new monthly feature, bring any photo, NOT for contest judging, but just to share on display – no rules on this photo except include your name and a sentence about the photo on a card or slip of paper. This is your chance to share some of your photos /recent photography experiments / photo mistakes that aren’t related to the contest theme.  

FYI: If you were not at the February meeting, you will need to do two things in March.  1) Complete the revised information card that was passed out in February.  2) Provide your information for name tags.   We need name, camera brand(s), what you like to photograph (be more creative than just the standard categories) and the town you live in, if you are willing to share that.  Nametags will be printed and ready for the spring event in April.  Both forms will be available at the check in table.

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