McGregor photoshoot – Sat Sept 29

Unofficial LAPC Photoshoot

Where: McGregor, Iowa, area
When: Saturday September 29, 2012
Contact: [email protected]

The idea is to have a fall photo shoot for any LAPC members who are interested. We’re hoping for fall colors, but with the current drought it is not guaranteed that we will get good color.

Anyway, there is no set time, nor will there be an official caravan. It will not be “led” as club member Bob Campagna likes to do with his shoots. It will be self-led. We will go up on our own, or team with friends, based on what is convenient for us and what we hope to capture. I am hoping to capture some sunrise shots, so I will leave around 3-4 am-ish, and I don’t want to put anyone out with my schedule.

Other nearby areas worthy of photo note are Pike’s Peak State Park, Effigy Mounds National Monument, Marquette IA, Prarie du Chien WI, the Mississippi River, and much more. Even if the fall colors do disappoint, there is no lack of good photo opportunities.

If interested, please e-mail your name, e-mail address, and cell phone number to Ken at the above address.  I will compile a list of cell phone numbers and distribute them via e-mail prior to the shoot.  The cell phone numbers are just for coordinating meeting and eating times, and in case of emergency.  If anyone knows any good and reasonably-priced restaurants where we could meet, please include that in your e-mail also.

I will suggest that we meet sometime around mid-day for lunch, and to exchange photo stories. Anyone who is interested should contact Ken at [email protected] and I will keep interested people up to date.


  1. Hi Ken,

    Some how I missed this post. None the less, there was 4 of us in that same area on the 29th. Two of us are members. I hope you had a good turn out as it was a beautiful day for shooting & we were able to get some nice shots in. Would have been nice to meet up with you & some of the others for a bite to eat. Maybe next year.

    Happy shooting, Jody

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