New Monthly Meeting Opportunity

At Sunday's meeting it was proposed that each month, members can bring an image to be displayed (NOT JUDGED as a part of the monthly contest) as an opportunity to show other Club Members  how they have been utilizing their photography skills.   It can be of any topic (as always, no nudes), any print size, a collage, a creative manipulation, or multiple images in one print.    All are acceptable.

So for example, you have experimented with frozen bubbles images, night sky photography, snow photography, water drops images, pet photography, lightroom enhancements/plug-ins/tools, etc….. bring an image.   Or… if you don't have anything you think is “new and exciting”, just bring a photo you like, had fun taking, or one that was a mistake.    Sometimes, we learn more from mistakes than from successes!

Add a small note card (to be placed next to the image) which includes your name and a one/two sentence write up about your picture.


John Doe

Attended the Club sponsored “Wood Working” Photo Shoot and

tried my luck at action photography.


Mary Smith

Took advantage of the supermoon at a farm near Solon.


As you can see, in 2020, the new Executive Leadership Team is experimenting with some new ideas on developing Club Members.

We look forward to seeing your image at next month's meeting.


Executive Leadership Team



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