November Club Meeting

At the November Club meeting we are having three major events. 

First, the election of officers.   You will have the opportunity to select new leaders who will help guide the Club further in educational opportunities and membership growth.

Second, we will hold our annual photo contest.  See the recent newsletter to learn the rules of the contest.   Get your best photos ready! Its always a great time, allowing the Club members to see each others best work .

Third, bring your camera and your questions.   The Nikon users can talk to Doug Hoeger and other experienced Nikon users to learn more about their Nikon camera.   The Canon users can meet with Bob Lancaster and other experienced Canon users to learn more about your Canon camera.  However, bring your user manual! Doug & Bob are good… but they don’t know about every camera model.

Be ready to ask questions about:

1)      Not using Auto ISO… how to set it yourself

2)      Not using “program” or “auto” modes for exposure metering

3)      How to bracket your shots so you can get that perfect exposure

4)      Turning down the power of your flash, so as not to wash out your subject

See all of you on November 14th!

Rick Young


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