Sunday meeting in Vinton has been cancelled

We hate to cancel a meeting the day before but our host in Vinton did some investigating this week and found there are very few lights out this year  🙁

We will have to photography contests in January so hold on to your Music photos!

Here are her comments:


I went looking for lights tonight – the town is so much darker than in the past – very few displays other than at Sanders, Koopmans and an S curve has lights, and there is supposed to be a good display in Center Point.

Do you still want the addresses of the two, maybe three places where there are lights? – only problem is, you pretty much have to remain in your car No place to get out and photograph as you are on rural roads that are usually heavily travelled by locals looking at the lights – the same ones they have seen for the past many years,.

I think your club would be very distressed to come to Vinton and see what little we have – I would hate to disappoint them. don't know what's going on, but very few houses have lights – even people that have put them up for years didn't this year

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