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Dear Linn Area Photo Club,

We are living in a fast-changing world, requiring all of us to constantly adjust and reconsider our actions. On your end, Portugal’s bailout in Europe and the US Congress’ struggle for a government budget keep the income markets somewhat unreliable, while on our side, we are constantly in the works to redo and readjust prices, itineraries and departures around tsunamis, earthquakes and political turmoil. 

However, we are also aware that for most of us, none of the above will ever deplete what connects us all: the endless desire for travel and adventure. We are aware that you think: ‘no matter what, I will not allow these things to stop me from exploring the world, because the news are always focusing on the negative sides and there is indeed a fantastic world our there, waiting for me to discover’. 

We share these sentiments with you, and during the last months, we have been working hard with hotels and other suppliers around the world, in order to be able to offer you some charming sales – allowing you to make your travel dreams come true, even in the midst of the recent hardship. Remember, to keep travel affordable for you, our prices are always very low and competitive to begin with, so large sales cuts are unusual, yet, considering what is going on around the world, we are proudly presenting the below never-heard-of ‘Easter Sales Offers’ from WANT Expeditions. All offers valid until Easter Monday only!

Have a pleasant Easter Holiday and see you around the world!

Newly announced trips: 
Falklands to Cape Town Expedition Cruise
Greenland Dogsled Expedition 2012: USD 250.- Easter sales offer!

2011 special offers: 
Madagascar Wildlife Expedition – USD 500.- OFF for two!
Borneo: USD 500.- OFF for last two spaces
Botswana Safari: USD 750.- Easter sales
India Tigers: USD 500.- Easter sales

2012 special offers: 
Antarctica: USD 1,000.- OFF for last two spaces!
Yellowstone Winter Safari: USD 300.- early booking discount!
Midway Atoll: USD 500.- early booking discount

Newly announced trips

Falklands to Cape Town Luxury Yacht Cruise

Feb 29 – Mar 29, 2012

We are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the South Pole’s discovery by one of the last truly exploratory voyages left on Earth – a luxury yacht cruise through the most remote islands of the world, with an itinerary that has never been done by any ships before! Departing from the Falklands in the southern Atlantic Ocean, we sail southeast and cross the Antarctic Convergence at South Georgia. After three amazing landings on this fascinating island, we continue east in the heart of the Southern Ocean, until we reach Zavodovski Island in the South Sandwich. Home to the world’s largest penguin colony (nearly 1 million pairs of Chinstraps), Zavodovski is truly an amazing place for the adventure lovers. From here, an enormous stretch of water will have to be conquered by us, in order to get to the most remote place on Earth: Bouvet Island of Norway. We will attempt a landing on two consecutive mornings, and then sail onwards, to the least visited Marion Island of South Africa. Our last stop will be Possession Island in the Crozet Archipelago, an amazing place in the French Subantarctic Territories. Our very last landing on this voyage will take place at American Bay, with 200.000 pairs of King Penguins and a myriad of other wildlife, who will wave us off as we disappear towards our final destination, Cape Town.

Greenland Traditional Dogsled Expedition

Apr 17 – Apr 26, 2012

Be the first to sign up for our iconic Greenland Traditional Dogsled Expedition in 2012! For the first time, we are offering this trip priced in USD, and until Easter Monday, this trip is available at a USD 250.- early booking discount!

2011 special offers

Madagascar Wildlife Expedition

Jul 25 – Aug 07, 2011

In order to fill up the last two spaces and close this trip for bookings, we are now offering USD 750.- OFF for maximum 2 guests. Be the first to take advantage of this huge price drop! Madagascar is an amazing world, a true paradise for the nature traveler. Join us!

Borneo and Brunei Wildlife Expedition

Oct 01 – Oct 13, 2011

Our ever-so-popular Borneo and Brunei Expedition still has two spaces available! Treat yourself with an Easter surprise, take advantage of our USD 500.- ‘last two spaces' offer and join us in this fascinating corner of the world. If you also join our Komodo Dragon Extension, you can save an additional USD 250.- per person!

Botswana and Zambia Photo Safari

Nov 01 – Nov 11, 2011

We are proudly offering you an enormous USD 750.- price cut for the Easter holidays. Botswana is our most popular destination for years, an unforgettable, amazing wildlife safari. Be the first to take advantage of this offer!

‘The Big Five of India' Safari

Dec 02 – Dec 14, 2011

In respect to the upcoming holidays, we are offering you USD 500.- OFF for the last spaces on this great wildlife destination. Join us, and once you are there, do not miss the Taj Mahal Extension!

2012 special offers

Antarctic Peninsula Luxury Yacht Cruise

Jan 07 – Jan 18, 2012

As expected, our Luxury Yacht Cruise to Antarctica was very popular. We only have 2 spaces available now, and we are absolutely anxious to close down the sales for this voyage and start organizing all the fine-tuned details. Be the first to grab the remaining cabin! Be the first to take advantage of the largest price cut we have ever offered!

Yellowstone National Park Winter Safari

Jan 20 – Jan 27, 2012

Take advantage of our USD 300.- early booking discount for this fascinating winter voyage to Yellowstone NP and the Grand Tetons! The offer is only valid till Easter Monday, so be the first to enquire! This iconic voyage would not disappoint anybody, Yellowstone is an absolute delight during winter time.

Midway Atoll – The Ultimate Albatross Paradise

Feb 20 – Feb 27, 2012

After some serious negotiations, we are proudly able to offer you USD 500.- early booking discount for this absolutely unique voyage. Join us to the home land of over one million albatrosses and the sight of one of the most important marine battles of the WWII. This paradise has only been recently opened for visitors, be the first to know, be the first to explore the islands!

Thank you for traveling with us,

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